We are non-profit, non-political, and non-racial

Empowering children from needy background

Kara Kibera Kids Center started in 2008 as a feeding program after 2007/2008 post violence. Many children became homeless, hopeless and were traumatized. Through well wishers, we were able to help them get education from the center and enrolled them to the feeding program.

Our Mission

To give basic quality education to every boy and girl child in the community.

Our Vision

To impart holistic knowledge and eradicate poverty by making Kenyans who will be of benefit to self, society and humanity.

Our Motto

Do your best always.
We impart holistic knowledge

We Nurture, Mentor and Educate

The goal of the charity is to ensure that we help all children at the center to get a proper education, good nutrition, clothing, medical care and most importantly a place to call home. We lay a biblical foundation for the total development of each child in their early formative years while in our school.